Alternative Seoul at Platoon Kunsthalle

Hidden in the concrete jungle of Gangnam, an upscale business district of Seoul, is a place where your inner artist can run free: Platoon Kunsthalle the preferred destination of the cool and edgy in the Korean capital.

alternative Seoul, Platoon Kunsthalle

The Modern Exterior of Platoon Kunsthalle in Downtown Seoul


Platoon Kunsthalle (PK) seems rather out of place in the middle of high rise buildings with its structure made out of shipping containers and glass sides with a futuristic military look. Yet don’t be fooled by its cold exterior, on the inside Platoon vibrates with creativity and artsy vibes. Originating from Berlin (Kunsthalle means art center in German) as an alternative artistic platform, PK branched out to Seoul in 2009 with the mission of showcasing subculture in all its forms from Asia while serving delicious German bratwurst!

The beauty of the concept is its aim to promote “cultural movements beneath the radar [which] creates a dynamic space where new ideas are born and presented”. All mediums can be explored and contemplated in this creativity hub: street art, graphics, video, fashion, music… There are studios available for emerging artists where they can work and collaborate with others. While the gallery sections lets them reach out to an eclectic audience of expats and Koreans. The collective really brings people together, forming a community around underground events including exhibits, concerts, movie nights and workshops.

underground Seoul, Platoon Kunsthall

The Night Flea Market


Once a month, alternative thinkers meet at PK for the Night Flea Market to find incredible treasures: vintage fashion, unique artwork, handcrafted jewelery… while enjoying some Bavarian beer and socializing to the sound of an ├╝ber chill DJ. It’s nice to sip a drink while observing the crowd. Each patron looking cooler than the next in their retro outfits or customized wears with funky hairstyles here and there. If you are in Seoul, take a break from the fast passed rhythm of the mega-city and from kimchi to take a dip in the counterculture scene.

Check out the latest events and exhibits going on at Platoon Kunsthalle:

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